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Our Team

Our Team

The friendly, experienced Butcher's Block & Building Materials staff are here to provide customers with outstanding service and ready to help select which products are best suited for your building needs.

  • Glenn Butcher - Owner & General Manager
    Glenn has been at Butcher's Block since 1986 and worked side by side with Bob learning the ropes of how to run this ever-changing business. Glenn started out at the bottom, working in the yard, then drove a truck hauling material, and moved to the contractor’s desk many years ago. He still loves the interaction with all of the contractor’s (most, long time friends) as well as homeowners. Glenn and Theela (Glenn’s Mom) have been running Butcher's Block together since Bob’s untimely death in 2007. Theela still has an active role in the operations of Butcher's Block and her years of knowledge are very helpful. Buffey (Glenn’s wife) also works at Butcher's Block doing the payroll and Human Resources. Glenn has lived in Big Bear his whole life and has a strong sense of family and community. He hopes to continue to provide great quality along with outstanding customer service for years to come. Email Glenn
  • Liz Coyle - Store Manager
    Liz has been here since 1989 and is considered one of the greatest assets to the company. Liz has done just about every job in the store from: Accounts Payable & Receivable, ordering products, and about any other job you can think of while still managing all the store employees. She has exceptional knowledge of all areas of the store and is always willing to help. If you don’t see something you need in our store, ask Liz! Chances are she can probably special order it for you. You can even occasionally catch Liz at the front counter. She always seems to have time for a smile and friendly hello. Email Liz
  • Curtis Kostolansky - Contractor Desk
    Curtis has been with Butcher's Block since 1992. Curtis started out working in the yard and eventually became the yard foreman. He moved into the contractor desk several years ago. Although he is mostly a buyer for yard materials, he also has extensive construction background which helps with servicing customers and buying building materials for the yard. Email Curtis
  • Joe Valencia - Contractor Desk
    To say that Joe has grown up at Butcher’s Block is an understatement. Joe has worked at Butcher’s Block since he was 19 years old. His Dad worked for Butcher’s Block at the time and taught Joe the meaning of hard work. Both of Joe’s sons have worked for Butcher’s Block and both share the same work ethic. He started as a yard clean up person, became a delivery driver and then became yard foreman. A few years ago, Joe made the move to Contractor Desk and has been an invaluable member of our team. His extensive knowledge of the yard and building materials as well as his work ethic and loyalty have made Joe someone we can all count on. Joe speaks Spanish as well.
  • Diana Kostolansky - Office Manager
    Diana is our Office Manager, overseeing account payables and accounts receivables. Diana has been with Butchers Block for almost 15 years. Email Diana
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